An Appointment to Fib
Other than God and family, there were a few other things Mother held dear – they included good manners, good grooming, Tuesday and Friday hair appointments and her Sunday afternoon nap. read more

Minnows and a Marriage License:
$11, Please

On a stretch of highway a few miles from home sits one of my very favorite brick storefronts, a local pawn shop. I love this shop because it says it all about life in the South. Old-fashioned hand lettering on the front of the building proclaims, “Jesus Saves.” read more

Big Blue was Good People
Other than growling a little when he was gassed, Big Blue kept his own counsel. That’s saying a lot where I’m from – we call it “The Mountain.” Like all Southern places where at least two are gathered, opinions on The Mountain are stronger than a high school boys’ locker room after a ball game. read more

One Flew Over My
Cuckoo’s Nest

Golden Boy walked for his college diploma last weekend, bringing an end to 22 years of raising the baby bird and preparing him
to fly. read more

A Marriage on the Gridiron
Pretzel-Throwing Season is officially upon us. Before the first kickoff of the college football season, many Southeastern Conference fans break out the cold beer, hot wings, redneck caviar and corn chips. In our house, Fred breaks out the pretzel bag, and I break out the Dirt Devil read more

Send Offs with a Six Pack
“Where’s Granddaddy?’ my kids asked many a day after barreling into my parents’ house looking for their afternoon sitter. “Oh, he’s gone totin’,” Mother would answer. “He’ll be back in a bit.” read more